Our SELF SERVICE program is available for you to create your own inventory manifest, request labels, and mail in your expired product.

Once the boxes are received in the licensed facility, we process your return. We will generate reports and send them electronically to you for review. Our staff will help you review and offer any assistance if needed.

We offer the highest quality ON SITE service option. Our representatives will come into your pharmacy, sweep your shelves for expired product, provide an printed inventory of what is processed, pack, and ship all product back to the licensed facility.

Once the product arrives at the licensed facility, we scan the inventory and reconcile against the original inventory provided by our staff for accuracy. We validate manufacturer policies and pricing changes.

We work to get you the highest return on your return. We work with you to find new programs to help save you money going forward.

14/30/60/90 day Quick Pay, please contact us for terms and conditions.